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Lyrics To "In the City of the King"
(inspired by the Old City of Jerusalem at dusk)

One heart in the morning, one breath in and out
A prayer of thanksgiving, kindness and love
One sunset in the evening, one realm of stars
Silence over creation in the city of God

With hope for tomorrow, a prayer on every lip
One people one nation, the joy of the whole earth
Serve the Lord in peace, hallelujah amen
In the City of the King world without end

I will behold the beauty of the Lord
The glory of his coming promised in God’s word
As a faithful watchman I will wait for him
Restore the former glory and resurrect the dead

This will come to pass in the city of the king
Who carries our tomorrows on his angels’ wings
Come inherit the kingdom let your praises ring
All prepared for you in the city of the king
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